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W-STANDARD we are the value driving company, we do have the passion for the motorcycle spare parts. Every spare part that we build does embody our philosophy to provide better quality parts. W-STANDARD distributor has spanned across global by the efforts of all W-STANDARD members.
*Up to January 31, 2016
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Sales & Marketing

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Business vision and philosophy
Our vision is to provide a better quality of motorcycle spare parts for aftermarket sales service. Our business philosophy is to provide a wide range of products, with good quality work, and with a reasonable price.
By optimizing our entire value chain, establish long-term cooperative relationship the supplier and investment on highly automated equipment for mass production; we strive to provide high quality and lower cost products for customers.
Ahead of us are immense opportunities. Guided by our mission and systematic approaches, we are building our tomorrows, today. By implementing ISO9001-2000 quality management system we are aims to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system, including processes for continual improvement of the system and the assurance of conformity to customer and applicable regulatory requirements.
Guangzhou Winrong Industrial Co. Ltd. is the parent company for Guangzhou Winrong New Engergy Technology Co. Ltd. who was established in 1999,as the main business is to export motorcycle spare parts of the brand W-STANDARD. In the past 20 years under the technological monopoly in the hand of the Japanese W-STANDARD company insist on building the national brand. Today W-STANDARD is one of the China brand who can compete the quality with the Japanese brand. Every year we will participate on the International Professional Exhibitions in the industry, besides that we do give sponsorship in some international race like DAKAR RALLY; in the international arena we wish to win a place for the Chinese enterprise. Currently the company's sales network throughout Europe, America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America and Africa.

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Cooperation between Institute of University and Enterprise
In March 18, 2015 W-STANDARD subsidiary company Guangzhou Winrong New Energy Technology Co. Ltd. signed for the Lithium Battery research and development cooperation agreement with Guangdong University of Technology. The research and development cooperation with the university it is to improve the competitiveness of enterprises as well as an important measure of national competitiveness. Cooperation with university can enhance enterprise innovation capability because it will bring to leading in experts, and industry support as it is the science and technology follow the orientation of the inevitable requirement of economic integration. Having cooperation with the university it will also help to train people, and innovate talented people, to take the industry, research and develop which meet the trend of the enterprises and the social needs. The cooperation with university will make mutual benefits and have sharing resources.
W-STANDARD Racing Team
This year W-STANDARD and YAMAHA team young rookie Luiano Ribodino participate in the MOTO GP Race,we are being optimistic for the excellent young generation of racer, although Luciano Robodino is a yong racer but he is already quite well known in the racing community. He start the training since 4 years old and having world’s top coach, up to now he have won many trophy from the world class race. W-STANDARD brand and the team philosophy is consistent, we are a young team which having the spirit to take up the challenge, as we want to proof to the world that the future is belongs to us.

Quality control system

Quality is the life of an enterprise.
Quality control is the guarantee of quality

W-STANDARD Quality Control center having the responsibility to ensure every single product even a screw we will take care of the details. We will ensure every single items having the a very strict quality control through the quality tested by the equipment. As this is the main responsibility of our quality control personnel.

Business distribution
W-STANDARD is Chinese private enterprises mainly focus on motorcycle after market spare parts business for 20 years. Quality is the life of the brand, to build the brand as a international brand as the mission. Today we are having 6 division of the strategy partner 2 in south east Asia, 1 in the middle east, 1 in the south America, 1 in the central of America and 1 in the Africa. With the stable growth of the market development, we will expand more business strategy partner to establish the subsidiary company.